Recruitment Agency Terms and Conditions

To apply an applicant for a position, please read the following terms and conditions:

To share a candidate's application, please read the following terms and conditions:

  1. You are authorized and your acting on behalf of your organization;
  2. You have obtained the candidate's permission to share their personal information with our Company, which will be stored in our database and used for recruitment and selection purposes;
  3. The candidate you are recommending has been briefed about the role by your organization, has had access to a copy of the position description and provided with a thorough and realistic understanding of the position and our Company;
  4. The candidate you are sharing with us, has been deemed suitable for the position we are recruiting for.

Leighton Asia Privacy Statement – Recruitment-Specific 2018-01-19

To apply, please read the following privacy statement:

If you have accessed this job opening or are making this application online, you will already have read and agreed to our request for and use of your personal data on PageUp.  What follows is more information specifically relating to our recruitment process.

The protection of personal information and data is required by legislation across Asia – each of our operating units have specific legal requirements to comply with depending on their jurisdiction (see list below).  Our compliance with these laws is part of our CIMIC Group Privacy Policy, which is available to read here ( and downloadable as a pdf here (

Person information is any information (including an opinion) which can be used to identify an individual.  Sensitive information is a subset of personal information which includes information about an individual’s race or ethnicity, political or religious beliefs, membership of a professional or trade association, membership of a trade union, sexual preferences, criminal record and health information.  

Personal information will not be shared, sold or disclosed other than in accordance with our Privacy Policy, without an individual’s permission, or in accordance with the relevant legislation.  The CIMIC Group only collects, holds, uses or discloses personal information where it is reasonably necessary to:

  • enable CIMIC to deliver services or information to individuals or to an organisation;
  • maintain or establish a business relationship, including as a customer, supplier, contractor, or employee;
  • enable CIMIC to assist to provide services; or to improve, and better understand preferences in respect of CIMIC services; and
  • fulfill legal or regulatory obligations.

For the purposes of your application, the second of the above categories is most obviously applicable, although all categories are relevant.  For example, we will need to consider candidates for employment and contract positions with us.  As such, steps may be taken to verify that your academic, training and professional qualifications are accurate and complete and, in appropriate circumstances due to the nature of the available position, health checks, credit checks or criminal records checks may be carried out.  If certain personal information is not provided to us, this may affect our ability to assess and administer candidates’ application for employment.

We seek to collect personal information by lawful, fair and unobtrusive means.  By applying for a position with us, you understand, agree and consent to provide to us your personal information (including sensitive information), and for us to use, retain and share this with relevant other parties.  This will be done in strict confidence, for the primary purpose of recruitment and any secondary purposes permitted by law (such as administration). 

Further information and our complaint procedure is detailed in the CIMIC Group Privacy Policy, links to which have been provided above. 

Regional Legislation (as may be amended by respective governments from time to time):

Hong Kong       Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance 1996

Singapore         Personal Data Protection Act 2012

Philippines        Data Privacy Act 2012

Malaysia           Personal Data Protection Act 2010

Indonesia          Government Regulation No. 82 of 2012 (Provision of Systems and Electronic Transactions)

India                 Information Technology Act 2000

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