Personal Data Protection Act

Marina Bay Sands (MBS) Applicant Personal Data Policy


1. An applicant's personal data includes, without limitation, that applicant's:

a. Resume;

b. Employment references;

c. Photograph;

d. Employment history;

e. Educational certificates and other records of qualifications; and

f. Identification documents and particulars.


a. 简历;

b. 就业推荐;

c. 照片;

d. 工作经历;

e. 学历证书和其它资格纪录;以及

f. 身份证明文件和资料


2. An applicant's personal data needs to be collected, used and/or disclosed by MBS for evaluative purposes, including making assessments on the applicant's suitability for certain roles or positions within the organisation, and verifying that individual's identity and accuracy of personal details/information provided. Such personal data may also need to be transmitted to MBS' related group companies and third party service providers (some of which are outside of Singapore) for these same purposes.

滨海湾金沙必须收集、使用和/或披露求职者的个人资料,以作为评价目的。这包括评估求职者是否适合组织里的某些 角色或职位,并验证其个人身份和所提供的个人详情/资料的准确性。这些个人资料也可能必须被传递到与滨海湾金沙 相关的集团内公司以及第三方服务提供商 (其中一些是驻新加坡以外的提供商)作为上述用途。


3. If MBS needs to collect, use and/or disclose an applicant's personal data for purposes other than that listed above, MBS will inform the applicant of the further purposes and obtain the applicant's written consent first unless such consent is deemed given under the PDPA or one of the exceptions in the PDPA applies.

如果滨海湾金沙必须收集、使用和/或披露求职者的个人资料以作为除了上述所列之外的其它用途,滨海湾金沙将通知 求职者该用途并先取得求职者的书面同意,除非此同意在《个人资料保护法令》(PDPA)里被视为已给予的同意,或PDPA 里所提及的任一例外情况适用于该情况。


4. The applicant's personal data can be accessed and corrected in accordance with the Marina Bay Sands Personal Data Protection Policy Manual (See section on Access and Correction of Personal Data). Applicants can approach the MBS Talent Hub counter to access their own personal data. MBS is not required to provide access to an individual's personal data where such data is "opinion data" that is "kept solely for an evaluative purpose". Applicants who wish to correct or change their personal data records should go to the MBS Talent Hub counter for the correction or changes to be made.

求职者的个人资料可以根据滨海湾金沙个人资料保护政策手册(参见存取及更正个人资料部分)被存取和更正。求职者 可以向滨海湾金沙 Talent Hub柜台取得他们的个人资料。滨海湾金沙无须提供为 "纯粹作为评估目的"的"意见资料"的个人资料。求职者如欲更正或更改个人资料,应到滨海湾金沙 Talent Hub柜台进行更正或更改。


5. The applicant's personal data will be cared for in accordance with the Marina Bay Sands Personal Data Protection Policy Manual (See section on Care of Personal Data). All applicants' personal data will be stored electronically or physically in secured locations, accessible by authorized Human Resource personnel.

求职者的个人资料将根据滨海湾金沙个人资料保护政策手册(参见保护个人资料部分)受到保护。所有求职者的个人资 料将作电子记录或实体记录,且该记录会被保存在安全并只有获得授权的人力资源员工才可接触的地方。

6. The applicant's personal data will be retained for 36 months from the receipt of the application form unless the retention is required for legal, regulatory or compliance purposes. After the expiry of this period, and provided MBS has no further use of the relevant applicant's personal data, such personal data will be destroyed.

除非有法律、法规或合规上的需要,求职者的个人资料将被保留 36个月(由收到申请表格起计算)。一旦此保留期满,且滨海湾金沙不再需要该求职者的个人资料,该个人资料将被销毁。


Note: Please address any questions on this Policy to the


This consent is given in addition to and without prejudice to any deemed consent or other exceptions granted under the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) of Singapore for the use of personal data.



Note: To withdraw your consent at any time – please go to  and follow the instructions there to send an email request for consent withdrawal to the MBS Data Protection Officer.